Being the earliest-established Chinese shipbuilding facility in 1866 by the then Chinese government, Mawei Shipbuilding has since contributed to the progress of China’s fledging manufacturing industry from the civil aircraft manufacturing to the shipbuilding of various navy ships.

Mawei Shipbuilding is also among the earliest in China to construct commercial vessels for foreign owners. In early 1980, it built 5,000dwt general cargo vessel and in 1990s, it built feeder container vessels for the European owners.

In early 2000s, Mawei Shipbuilding turned to offshore support vessels construction and has since contracted a few advanced platform supply vessels, the world’s first-ever CSS (Compact Semi-Submersible).

Mawei Shipbuilding is now the top player for the construction of various advanced offshore support vessels in China.

  • the world’s first ever CSS (Compact Semi-Submersible) ;
  • 87m MMC design PSV;
  • Havyard 832 CD PSV;
  • WSD1000 MPSV;
  • MMC950 AHT;