78m Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessel


This vessel is a high power offshore vessel with twin screw with controllable pitch propeller. One bow tunnel thruster and one bow retractable azimuth thrusters / one stern thrusters and two station controls in wheelhouse (Fwd & Aft). The vessel’s engine room is located in the fwd, and the vessel’s accommodation is to be located in the lower / upper, forecastle and deckhouse. The service space shall be located on main deck. The vessel is for operation in unrestricted waters and completely outfitted and equipped for following duties.


ABS +A1, Tug, Supply Vessel, Circle E, Fire Fighting Ship 1, +AMS, + DPS-2, Unrestricted Navigation and Anchor Handling

Main Particulars
Loa78.20 m
Lbp69.00 m
Breadth moulded18.50 m
Depth moulded8.00 m
Draft designed6.00 m
Accommodation6 * 1 Berth Cabin
22 * 2 Berth Cabin
Industrial Worker 10 men
Speed14 knots
Deadweight3000 t
Deck Area600 m2
Bollard pull150 t
Cargo Capacity
Fresh Water500 m3
Drill Water / S.W.Ballast1500 m3
Fuel Oil1150 m3
Dirty Oil12 m3
Bilge Holding9 m3
Liquid / Brine700 m3
Bulk Cement11244 cu ft
Rig Chain Locher300 m3
Lub Oil (M / E)10 m3
Lub Oil (Gen / Set Eng)6 m3
Foam22 m3
Hydraulic Oil4.50 m3
Dispersant22 m3
Sewage Holding14 m3
Main Engine2 * 6120 bhp
Propulsion SystemControllable Pitch Propeller