Being the global shipbuilding marketing arm jointly established by Fujian Southeast Shipyard, Mawei Shipbuilding and Xiamen Shipbuilding, just contact us when you have any enquiry for shipbuilding in China; and we are also in the position for helping secure or directly providing post-delivery seller credit for shipbuilding in China.

Main Products

Our main shipbuilding products are Anchor Handling Supply Tug (AHTS), Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), offshore construction vessel and other offshore support vessels by Mawei Shipbuilding and Southeast Shipyard, while Xiamen Shipbuilding is mainly for the construction for Car Carrier, Bulk Carrier and Container Vessel.

75M Platform Supply Vessel

The vessel shall be designed and built as twin (fixed pitch rudder propellers), two bow thrusters, and two station controls in wheelhouse. The vessel is suitable to be used as offshore supply and fire fighting Class 1 vessel.

Class: ABS +A1 (E) Offshore Support, Fire Fighting Vessel Class-1 OSR-C+AMS, ACCU + DP2

newbuilding financing

We generally provide such post-delivery financing via financial lease  through our SPV in HK, which would act as the charter and the owner who place the newbuilding in our shipyards acts as the Charterer.

The facility period can be abt. 10 years and generally no balloon is allowed, and we may require such additional securities as the guarantee from the Charterer’s parent company for the charter hire payment and the purchase obligation after the expiration of the deal.

The Charterer shall pay the charter every 3 months. Each of the installments shall be the aggregate of the principal and the interest then accrued. For more details, pls. contact us!
  • Xiamen C&D Inc.

    a service oriented enterprise mainly specialized in supply chain operation and real estate development, C&D went public in 1998 and has since being among the best-performing listed company in China (at No.57 in 2012),  more details…

  • Fujian Shipbuilding Industry Group

    Fujian Shipbuilding was established in 1997 and is in the business of shipbuilding and repairing, the main products include car carrier, bulk carrier, container vessels and offshore support vessels.

Our Shipbuilding Capability

Established in 1956 for trawler shipbuilding,  Southeast shipyard initiated the construction of oil tanker in early 1990s and since then gradually edged into the offshore support vessel shipbuilding, and now the yard has developed into the absolute leading player for the construction of more details…

Being the earliest-established Chinese shipbuilding facility in 1866 by the then Chinese government, Mawei Shipbuilding has since contributed to the progress of China’s fledging manufacturing industry from the civil aircraft manufacturing to the shipbuilding of various navy ships, more details…